Our Values

Instructors, also Known as teachers, are the mental Faculty of any learning community. Their input makes a difference in all aspects of the learners' lives. Knowing the driving philosophy and motivating factor of the learning community in which your ward grows, as they spent 60% of their active learning age there, is of paramount importance. Many parents give less importance to this critical aspect of learning as they tend to focus more on the academic and thereby negate the morals.

At Bethel Heights, we are a holistic institution driven by a common passion for molding greater destiny to achieve heights. This cannot be attained without excellent morals and discipline, hence our engagement of the best and most professional personnel within and outside the sores of this counter for both classrooms and extracurricular activities for our learners.

It's often not easy, but there’s one certainty about being a teacher: It is fulfilling.

Day in and day out, I make a positive impact on the lives of students. Here’s my inward joy, knowing that I am molding and shaping the feature. Our country needs me to keep democracy alive! We need dedicated Teachers to help kids think critically, develop a strong work ethic, and create vibrant communities where people can thrive. I am a teacher, and I am proud to be one.

Miss Patience   E.